Those Thursday Thoughts: What Defines You?

Today was a thoughtful day. Not that any other day isn’t full of whimsical and creative schemes, but today was especially…..thoughtful. A reflection on myself, I guess you could say.

My day initially began with thoughts of how lonely it was going to be in the 5,600 sq.ft. office that I work in. Literally, I was the only one in today. No joke.

But I took this time to reflect back on the person I am still becoming. I found myself asking the question; What defines me? Why the hell am I here doing what I am doing? Why did I choose to pursue a career path not 100% related to what I earned my bachelor’s degree in?!

After a heartfelt conversation with my other half, I reached a conclusion. I am here because I chose this path. I want to be here. I worked for it, and that hard work is paying off. A piece of paper (diploma) does not define me. I may have worked my butt off for a degree in Interior Design, but who said that had to be my last stop?! I will drop kick anyone who dares to get in my way of learning something new and different. 

My decisions & actions are what define me. I decided to pursue a passion of mine, being Interior Design, and turn that into a degree. During that experience, I earned MORE than just a degree. By the end of my undergraduate studies, I had gained more knowledge then what I had first signed up for. That’s incredible!

And now I am earning my Master’s degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. When I earn this degree and get that fancy schmancy looking diploma in the mail, that too will NOT define me. And I can tell you now, that won’t be the end for me either.

I know I have mentioned this in previous posts, but I’d like to put this refresher out not only as a reminder for myself, but for others out there in a similar position as me. It’s okay to venture out and explore new horizons. Hell, it’s probably the best thing ever! You’re learning something new, stepping out of your comfort zone, and challenging yourself.

I have never been happier with myself, but I’ve also never been as hard on myself either. As that cheesy old saying goes, “You are your own worst critic.” Own it!

If I’m not doing something today that will inspire my tomorrow, then that is when I know I have become complacent and need to step up my game. I leave this with a question for you, my beautiful reader: What defines you?

A special thank you to Martin for putting a smile on my face and always being my backbone.

Tah Tah for now,



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