Mastery Journal Entry

It is now month six of my Journey to Mastery. I began this journey August 2016 when I decided to earn my Masters Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. Woot woot! This concludes to there only being seven months left until I can call myself a Master.

I enjoy studying outdoors from time to time when it’s less busy out, and I’m not freezing my limbs off. I mean, this is California – cold weather here is like warm weather in Texas. I should stop complaining….

Textbooks-02.jpgThis week I learned more of Episodic writing and its rules. I’ve also written three springboards to brainstorm for a future script that I will be writing in a couple of weeks for a webisode. This month’s textbooks are solely based on Television. I’m not sure if I see myself working in television v.s. feature film, but you never know.

Exciting stuff, I might say 😀

this-is-your-year-02What better way to start this year than with a brand spankin’ new planner. It has the new car smell and everything 😉  I decided to go with My Happy Planner this year to keep it simpler for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I freakn’ love stickies and everything stationary (those stickies in the photos are only .00000353252342342 of how much I really have…) but it only creates a distraction for myself, so I’ve minimized to just colorful highlighters. Faster and clutter-free. BAM! I use my planner to track my weekly assignments, meal prepping, meetings, and fitness. It’s majestic AF.

leia-posing-after-business-02What makes this overall experience more enjoyable is none other than the princess herself; Leia. She’s a boss-lady like her momma and appreciates a good patch of grass now and then 🙂 She also sunbathes.

Although I have not been documenting my journey before this point, I can still proudly say that I ended my 2016 like a BOSS.

I hope you had a productive first week of the new year. Do you have any resolutions? Check mine out! Happy 2017!

Tah tah for now,



10 thoughts on “Mastery Journal Entry

      1. Psh, my undergraduate course was Interior Design. All you’d need to do is provide a written letter of intent. Basically WHY you are deciding to pursue this path. If you have the passion for it and it bleeds onto your paper, you’ll have no problem getting in. In my classes, we have a law student, chef, and criminal justice major. It’s certainly possible 🙂 You have my full support!

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      2. Alright! I’ll check it when I get home tonight! Thank you. This means so much to me. I’ve been thinking about this for almost a year now. And I haven’t really had the courage to take the first step. Until I saw you post.

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      3. That makes me so happy! Don’t be afraid to make a move when it comes to your goals, happiness, and passion. If you fully invest yourself, the outcome WILL be rewarding. I’ll be here if you need anything!

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