2017 Reading Challenge

This year, my best friend and I decided to embark on a reading frenzy (psshhh, nothing new there…) and accomplish a 2017 Reading Challenge. 

Woot Woot!

Initially, we started off with a 30+ list of books following the latest POPSUGAR Reading Challenge but simplified it to a list of only 22 books. Knowing our reading habits, all 22 books will be read cover-to-cover in less than 6 months. Should this be the 6-Month 2017 Reading Challenge???

Nah, that’s a lot to type.

Our selection of bodacious books features authors Anne Rice, Stephen King, Amy Schumer, William Faulkner, and many more fantabulous authors listed below.

2017 Book Challenge List Graphic-01.jpg

Wish us the best of luck on this whimsical journey! If you have any reading suggestions, don’t be shy!

Tah tah for now,




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