Happy Anniversary!

Six happy, memorable, joyful, exciting years that Martin and I have shared together.

It was six years ago on January 15th that we made our relationship official. But it’s also the day we celebrate the next year to come. It’s that extra special day each year where we are reminded of the love we have for one another. This occurs every day of course, but more so on this special day.


We decided to spend our anniversary weekend at The Grove in Los Angeles, CA. It was beautiful. Neither one of us have ever visited, so it was exciting experiencing it together.

Leia fatty-02.jpg

We, of course, had to bring our little fatty (she’s digging for her food in my backpack). Oh, Leia.


We discovered the cutest little trinkets…..It was difficult not to buy out this booth!


Oh, the sweets and goodies we witnessed. Certainly, a spot to visit! My cup of tea 😉


This was a fun store to see. They had so many toys that date back to the 80’s! I may only be 22, but I’ve certainly had my fair share of these antiques 😉


I could NOT leave this place without stopping by the infamous 3-story Barnes and Noble. Seriously. I could get lost in there for hours upon a day. If it wasn’t for Martin, I wouldn’t leave until nightfall.


We didn’t end our afternoon with a picnic, BUT we definitely got a chance to view every corner of this place. We are both introverts and would prefer to spend the rest of our day at home snuggled, watching a good movie 🙂


Six years is a long time. Of course not many compared to other relationships of 10+ years (#relationshipgoals), but we’re on the way! Every year held new adventures for us to take on together as a team. Martin is the salt to my pepper; the milk to my cereal; the butter to my toast; the sugar to my tea; the robin to my batman; the motivation and inspiration that gets me up every morning.

Most importantly, he’s the spark in my life that I never want to die out.

I love you, my love. Here’s to a lifetime of laughs, love, and happiness together.






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