Mastery Journal Entry

Week two of my 6th month embarking on my Mastery Journey. WOO!

Week two is now over! Yes! Not “yes” in ugh, finally it’s over – I’m exhausted, but “yes” as in, F*** yeah! One more step closer to my goal 🙂 The assignment was to create a beat sheet/outline for a future webisode script that I will be writing in 1-2 weeks. It follows my previous assignment. The script will be an extension of an already existing story based on a man who has just the WORST. LUCK. EVER.

Along with me this month is my whimsical bullet journal. I pulled inspiration of designing my journal from all over whether it be Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram. And of course, Ryder Carroll himself (not personally! *I wish*).

Here’s to Week 3 which begins today 🙂

Tah tah for now,



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