Mastery Journal Entry

WOO! The third week, peeps. Do you now what that means?

One more week of this course! Last week, I submitted my first spec script and received thoughtful feedback. Time to tweak that baby and submit the final!

Last week’s lessons consisted of points on Comic formatting and Animation. I do wish we touched more on these topics, but sadly we don’t. It’s up to me to do the research on my own! I need a new notebook just for research. #stationaryaddict

I have a good problem, and I’m proud 😉

Above all, things are certainly progressing in my program. By September 1st, I will have two degrees; a Bachelors & Masters. I’m still in disbelief and appreciative of it. It’s been a really long journey. There was blood, tears, sweat, anxiety, stress, you name it. BUT. IT. IS. POSSIBLE. It really goes to show, if you want it – fight for it.

If you fully invest yourself, the outcome will be rewarding. This isn’t the end of my journey, but only the beginning. (Total cheese)

I wish you the best on your journey.



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