Chan Luu Wrap | White & Gold

Oh, it feels SO good to be back in the groove of jewelry-making.

It feels right. Just another creativity-filled hobby that I am passionate about.

A Chan Luu wrap bracelet is probably my favorite piece of jewelry to make. It may look complicated, but it’s quite simple and bit time-consuming all at once. I’d recommend setting aside 2-6 hours for this baby. That’s with breaks.

White Beads.jpg

For this piece, I chose to work with White Agate as my primary.


And Gold Stone as my secondary.


This stone was a bit pricey, BUT it’s just so beautiful, I couldn’t resist. The gold sparkle inside the bead adds a subtle sparkle to the bracelet. Not too much, and no so little that the bracelet looks flat.


For a Chan Luu, two bead cords are used to string the beads together; both size No.2. But it depends on the hole of your beads.


I used 4 yards of white leather cord to produce 4 wraps around the wrist. To tie it off (literally), I chose this super cute looking silver button (complimenting the gold stone) with a skull engraved.


A pair of scissors is good to have to cut the cords when you’re finished. I finish off the knots on my wrap with superglue. To apply the glue, toothpicks are UHHH-MAZING.


And that’s it!

Keep an eye out for another Chan Luu design soon!

Tah tah for now,



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