A word, please….

This month, I’m focusing on strength. Not just the word, but the meaning behind it.

Maybe not physical strength, PSH! Because everyone and their four-legged friend knows my ass has not been working out as promised. I have my excuses….and need to Suck. It. Up.

I’m speaking in terms of a more deeper level of strength. Perhaps the strength to get me up and working out whether it be at home or the gym. Typically my excuse to not go to the gym is because “I don’t wanna drive,” but when I make it easier on myself and suggest (to my inner lazy-ass) “work out at home. Save gas and there’s privacy…..” a few pauses, mental note checking, concluding: NOPE. Maybe I’ll lay in bed for just 15 more minutes, or I’ll do it after I’m done watching this YouTube video……

Ayyee, the struggle is real with laziness. Although, this shouldn’t be a struggle. I should have the strength to overcome this flaw of mine and rise above it. I’d also love the strength to mentally stay focused on a task until completion. Sometimes I take breaks during my activities and it results in a 2.5-hour movie, plus 1 or 2 YouTube DIY tutorials and a social media run-down. These are habits I need to break!

I’ve begun meditating these past few days for at least 10 minutes after I wake up. Hopefully, relaxing me whilst energizing me. I mean, isn’t that along the lines of what meditation can do for you? I’m sure it does more, but I’d definitely like to learn a little more about it. Any recommendations on books?

Well, I’m not going to act out the typical “oh, I’m 100% going to work out every day this week because I have the motivation to do anything at this very minute,” BUT, I do plan on beginning my new fitness routine this week. To help me stay more consistent, I’ve scheduled my workouts Tuesday – Saturday. I think I’ve practiced my normal weekly routine enough to know what days would work best for me to work out.


Any advice is appreciated!






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