February | Bullet Journal

Oh, the month of love ❤ ❤

Right? Yes! Embrace the one’s you love whether it be your significant other, best friend, relative, furbaby, just love something or someone! JK, you don’t have to 🙂

I began my year with a new planner. What’s new there, right? Let’s be honest. I buy a new planner every few months because I’m never satisfied.


That has changed. I’m a changed woman, you see. I discovered the Bullet Journal. So far, it has done nothing – yea nothing. Just blank pages that allow me to bleed my thoughts and scribbles onto with a hint of organized design. I guess it does do something for me? 🙂

key-and-goalsThis is how I maintain that beautiful organization. Honestly, I just like it really simple. During the month of January, I tried to incorporate color (I succeeded) but it became too much. So I resorted back to just black ink and minimal color.

read-and-watchHow could I NOT include my read & watch list? Mainly reading, since that is all I do most of the time when I can step away from work & school and breathe. I pulled my original 2017 reading challenge into this!

savings-goalsOne thing I found very helpful for myself in the month of January was the savings goal chart. I think this will honestly help me save a little more money each year 🙂 Unless someone recommends another method? (besides not spending money, haha)


Oh, February. The most romantic month of the year in society’s eyes. January is my most romantic month as it is Martin and I’s anniversary

This month I am focusing mainly on strength. I go into more detail here!

weekly-spreadAh, a new week, a new start, a new page to bleed onto. I enjoy keeping everything simple.

Late disclaimer: the lighting at this time was not the best!

Looking very much forward to checking out all the February Bullet Journals! You can see sneak peaks of mine on my Instagram.

Tah Tah for now,



4 thoughts on “February | Bullet Journal

  1. Your bullet journal looks amazing, I love to see how people set theirs up. You have amazing handwriting! I started a bullet journal last year but it didn’t last long. It’s so time consuming making all the tracker charts I needed and keeping track of things in he distance future. I eventually went back to my happy planner.

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    1. Hey Ashley!!
      Thank you! The beginning of it took a lot of time since it was literally a damn process to think of where everything will go, haha. That’s why this month, I’m beginning to do something very simple. Thank you for the compliments! I’d love to check out your blog if you have one!

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      1. It really does become a process when you’re just starting out. You have to draw a new month. Just getting into the flow of things and deciding what works for you and what doesn’t takes a lot of effort. I have a post on my blog on my old happy planner, but I plan on posting an updated planner with my new binder system.

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