We grew our little family

He’s here!

Meet Kylo Ren. Kylo for short 😉

1Martin and I decided to adopt a puppy! I’ve been wanting one for a LONG TIME, so when I noticed Martin was becoming more open to it, I pounced on the opportunity! I began researching breeds, rescue’s, puppies, etc…. and threw them in Martin’s face (not literally) and emphasized on the benefits of getting a new puppy!

2Let’s be honest. The benefits of a new puppy are the endless cuddles, cuteness, Instagram photos, and good company. Other than those few things, they are a major handful. We haven’t trained a new puppy since Leia’s baby times. SO we’re pretty rusty!

Anywho, Kylo Ren is a handsome Lil’ Jack Russel. After careful research of his breed, we decided he’d be the next fit into our little family.

3As you have noticed, Kylo is a boy! *cue on the endless bowties* We originally really wanted a girl to avoid problems between Leia and him, but it was love at first sight for Martin. Sooo, I couldn’t take away the opportunity of a new son from him.

4At only 5 weeks, he is the most hyper puppy I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. But he is our little boy, and we plan on loving Kylo and Leia equally (kinda hard cause’ she’s my princess).

Puppy love!




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