Mastery Journal Entry

Revised Script Foundation & Three-Act Structure.

In week 1 of this course, we submitted our script foundation for our short film. This week, we worked on our three-act structure. It’s been a challenge with maintaining ALL of my ideas considering there is always a new one every hour of my day, so I usually forget more than half of them by the time I get home, sit down with my cup of tea, and begin working on my homework.

As odd as it is, it can be fun trying to remember them. Usually an alternative idea comes up that makes me more excited then the original one I had forgotten.

It’s the end of week 2 (last week) and beginning of week 3. I will be writing the first draft of my script!! It’s been said that no one will like your first draft, not even the writer. We go through several first drafts until we get to the final, and sometimes we’re still not satisfied, but that can relay to anything in life.

I may lack the confidence in myself sometimes, BUT I make up for it in the confidence of my abilities.

Time to keep on writing!



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