Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

As I mentioned before, it is the month of love! Shelves have been stocked with Valentine’s Day candy since December!

This year, Martin and I celebrated V-Day this past weekend. It’s earlier than the day itself, but –  COME. ON. – It falls on a TUESDAY. I’m sorry, but during the week is my time to focus on work & school, haha.

We’re both so busy that the weekends end up being our true quality time with one another. We love it! ❤

To celebrate the special day, I decided to revisit an old design – the tree pendant. In observance of the hearts that will grow 2-sizes bigger today, I tweaked the traditional tree pendant design into a heart-shape. It’s super cute! Took me maybe a total of 1-2 hours? I’m probably lying –  maybe 2-3. I don’t remember!

.:: Materials I Used ::.

  • Gold Wire, size 14 & size 26 *the smaller the number, the thicker the wire*  vials of teardrop
  • 2 vials of teardrop seed beads *I chose red to work with. It’s Valentines Day!*
  • Round nose pliers
  • Straight nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

These items can be purchased at a local bead store or any store that really sells items like these. Michael’s has a great selection. I always stick to my favorite local boutique in Santa Monica, Beadahs. The owners and staff are ALWAYS so sweet and helpful.

Tah tah for now,

Alisha 😉




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