Mastery Journal Entry

WOW. I just submitted my first short film script draft.

How amazeballs is that?! Last month, I submitted a short 3-4 pg webisode script. This time around, I submitted a 7 pg short film script. And that’s CUTTING out a lot of pages to shorten it!

Typically each page of a script counts as 1 minute. That’s a 7-minute film – longest I’ve ever done!

This has been a project I’ve been working on for a few months now. To finally see it develop into a full-length short film script is MIND BLOWING. Moments like these remind me of why I started my blog. To document the challenges, achievements, and special moments. This being one of each of those!

I’ve received feedback from a fellow peer and now it’s time to make any necessary revisions and submit the FINAL to the instructor. WOOOOO!!!


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