Worst Storm of the Season

Well, Los Angeles, you fooled me.

I’m from Texas. I was accustomed to intense humidity, bi-polar weather, tornados, floods, black ice, and all the other bullshit that Texas weather comes with.

Just a handful of the reasons why I’m happy to be in California where the sun is always shining. It’s never too cold or too hot. It’s Cali weather!


Over the past few months, the weather has been extremely annoying. Rain here, rain there, rain everywhere. Mother nature has not been on our side.

At the beginning, I enjoyed it because it reminded me of home. But when I’m having to walk through a LAKE to get to my office – no thanks.


NOW is the time I appreciate storms the most. When it’s calm & gray.

Odd as it is, I find it peaceful. Gives me a reason to not go outdoors! JK, I love the outdoors – I just don’t like driving in California.


Here is to more rain this week. I should have built a canoe.


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