Mastery Journal Entry

Oh goodness….

Month 8. Meaning, it’s been 8 months since I began this journey to earn my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing. I love my undergrad, but honestly – I feel complete when I’m writing whether it be a script, web series, and now a video game! I enjoy the freedom let my imagination on paper and create visions in people’s heads with just my words.

That alone is flipping fantastic! This month, my “Writing For Games” class has started. So far, the first week has been productive but also laid back – which I always love 🙂 We’ve been tasked to write one of those adventure games where you choose the ending and your path throughout your game.

As soon as my game is complete, I will share it on here! I’d like to here peeps thoughts and what not 🙂 Any feedback/criticism is welcomed and appreciated. Just remember the difference between constructive criticism and just being an asshole. No one like’s the latter!

Tah tah for now,


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