Mastery Journal Entry

Week 2 of Month 8.

I’m in a debate of whether I want to write these entries weekly or monthly. Hmm….

Anywho, I just finished week 2 of my Writing For Games course. I really don’t see myself pursuing the writing of games, but you never know right?

So far I have my concept down. Next step is to produce a video game out of it. We did this in Week 1 using the platform Twine. Kind of like those “choose your own path” kinda game. Which are always fun. I, of course, chose to lean more towards the horror side. I’ve always enjoyed scary games. I thrive off them jumpscares!  Jk, I’m terrified – but it’s exciting…..sometimes.

I just submitted my Game Design Development document, and not to sure how I feel about it. I guess we’ll see how my grade shows!




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