Refreshing Weekend…

This past weekend, Martin and I really just stayed indoors. I feel almost guilty of it.

I’m one of those where if I’m not out and about spending the monies or being productive, then my time is wasted. It’s bad, I know. I’m improving on this. We did end our weekend on a refreshing and positive note 🙂

Orange TreeSo just recently, I discovered we have an Orange and Lemon tree in our front and backyards. Who would have thought? Shoutout to the previous owners!

Group of OrangesI decided to get to pickn’ and chose the oranges that I thought looked delicious.

Lemon GroupAnd some lemons 🙂

Combine the two fruits and BAM! Orange-lemonade is born.

Kylo W8-9

Of course, I couldn’t have done this difficult task without my trusty sidekick(s).

Leia with tongue

Overall, it was a filling weekend with laziness, studying, and taking a break from life. My weekends are what I look forward to during the week. Not because it’s when I’m off work (I’m never really off!) but because I get to spend it with my furbabies – that’s including Martin.


P.S. We saw Logan……ugh – best. movie. this. year.


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