Escondido Falls, Malibu CA

Recently, I embarked on a dangerous journey into the wilderness.

AHA! So dramatic. This past weekend, I was invited to go on my first “real” hike. It took about an hour or so to get to Malibu where the hike began, but it was SO worth it!

Escondido Falls is one of the few hikes (from what I’m aware of) in Los Angeles that has legit waterfalls. I believe there is three total, but we only saw two; the smallest one and biggest one. How we skipped the middle one, I do not know!

smfallThis being the smallest waterfall.

Overlook1Our view during one of the mid-points of scaling this beast of a mountain. By then, I had already almost died 3x and pulled a muscle. But the next waterfall was so worth the blood and sweat spilled!

bigfallI appreciate the little man in the lower left corner photo-bombing my kick-ass photograph because it really demonstrates the scale of this waterfall! So thank you strange little man.

At first, I felt a little nerdy showing up decked out in hiking gear (backpack, first aid kit, boots and all), but it actually helped. Minus the first aid kit. Fortunately, none of us stepped into poison ivy or lost a limb, so it wasn’t needed. This one included a bit of mountain climbing, so I’m totally down for finding another hike like this. Wish me luck!





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