Writing is a method of communication open for exploration and imagination.

At least that’s how I define writing. It can also be very therapeutic. Like right now. It’s my escape from my normal day-to-day routine and I can access it anytime I wish. Gives my brain time to breathe! <You didn’t see this, but I totally just wrote that last sentence backward. Yea, my brain needs to breathe.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I first learned to spell my name. I’ve always been an avid reader and writer. During the early part of my childhood, I wrote to express myself to myself. Does that make sense?

I’ve written many, many letters to myself. 100% never shared them with another soul and never will because I don’t know where the hell they are anymore. Why? Because I was afraid of judgment. Afraid of being embarrassed and made to look silly. Who writes anyways?!

I do 🙂 And I love it!! The mentality I used to have when I was younger is long gone now and I am not ashamed of it. It doesn’t define me, but if I didn’t go through that insecure phase then – I’d probably be experiencing that now. So thank goodness I was an insecure little girl at one point.

Everyone has a passion of their own and I believe it’s different for everyone. There’s someone else out there who appreciates and values writing as I do, however, they might not for the same reasons as me. I love it because it’s fucking powerful. With just using words, you can make an impact on others whether it be positive or negative. For you reading this, I’m sure you’ve come across articles that you’ve exceedingly agreed or disagreed with. Those words you read meant something to you regardless. You loved them and they touched your beautiful soul or you hated them and wanted to write an angry letter to the author. It’s fantastic how words can bring a reaction out of someone.

I hope to instill positivity, motivation, and inspiration in others through my ink on paper, and eventually…. visually to others on the big screen 😉

A message to my younger self: Stop being afraid and woman up!

Find your passion and let it show!



© 2016 – 2017 Passion For It All and Alisha Garza. All Rights Reserved.


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