Mastery Journal Entry

Ohhh! The end is near…

I’m just a few short months away from graduating with my MFA – and it’s as nerve-wracking as it was when first taking my driving test. I was so nervous, I was ready to combust into nervous giggles and tears.

But not today. If there are any tears, it’s the good kind. I just completed month 9, Storytelling & Storyboarding for Animation class. I LOVED IT. When I first entered this program, my intention was to solely focus on screenplays. After this class, I can proudly say I’m pumped to also venture into comics & graphic novel writing.

So many avenues have opened up for me these past few months, and let me say, THE PRESSURE IS HERE. In this past month’s class, I learned to take a simple concept and turn it into a full script for the first chapter to what will be my first Graphic Novel. Lot’s of first’s in there…


Now, onto Advanced Script Editing! (let the sleepless nights commence …)





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