Oh, hey there! Allow me to introduce myself to ya. My name is Alisha, an excited 22-year-old with a passion. I enjoy considering myself a Cali Girl, with a heart the size of Texas. Currently residing in good old Los Angeles, I am happy to call this place my home. I started my Passion For It All blog August 2016. My reasoning behind my decision to do so is to have a creative outlet that I can escape to. Being able to log my weekly adventures & projects I am or have worked on (basically keeping an online diary of my experiences) is just so darn enticing!

Lets dig right into the deets shall we?

I am a recent graduate, having earned my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design (Entry level post-graduation is not easy!) Now, I am the Coordinator for one of YouTube’s top channels & I couldn’t be any more happier. I have returned to school to pursue my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (Woot woot). Yes, I can be a nerd – but a nerd with a sense of humor, style, an OCD with my planner(s), and uncontrollable laughter. I live with the love of my life (manly man), and our little princess (she’s probably the hairiest child out there) AKA Kooikerhondje pup!

Passion For It All will allow me to document my life and all the passions that flow through it! I specialize in Interior Design, Illustration & Graphics, Writing, and Jewelry design. All of which I plan to share with you. But this does not end. I plan to take on MANY new skills over the next few years. Why should there be a limit to how much you learn?

There will not be a schedule of when I will upload, as it will be when I manage to escape my life outside of blogging. Yes, the life of an Adult. My true hopes of this whimsical blog is to use this as a tool to motivate myself, and others to always try to Learn something new everyday. Explore new paths and angles. And do something that will inspire what you plan to do tomorrow.

Thank you SO much for stopping by. You’re beautiful inside-out. Don’t ever forget that! When you leave this blog, I want you to have a happy smile on your face 🙂

Until next time,

Alisha (Ms Passionate)


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