Own It.

OOOHHHH here it comes. The infamous resolutions that tend to always fall through during some point of in the year. This is the point where I tell myself, “Not this time!” Yea, okay. Lisha let’s be real here……

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Those Thursday Thoughts: What Defines You?

Today was a thoughtful day. Not that any other day isn’t full of whimsical and creative schemes, but today was especially…..thoughtful. A reflection on myself, I guess you could say.

My day initially began with thoughts of how lonely it was going to be in the 5,600 sq.ft. office that I work in. Literally, I was the only one in today. No joke.

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It’s Not Easy….

It’s not easy juggling a full-time career and studies at the same time.

This does not mean it is impossible or not worth pursuing. If anything, it can contribute to your personal growth, discipline and organization.

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Passion to Mastery

I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I have decided to move forward with earning my MFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment. I can’t explain my excitement for this step to my goal. It is now week 3 of my graduate studies, and one of our assignments was detailing “What do you love and what is your “life’s task” calling?” I decided to share my answer to this weeks discussion here on my personal blog. It will serve as a motivational boost! Woot woot!

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